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Let Our Winning Slip and Fall Attorneys Fight Your Case Against Walmart

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Let Our Winning Slip and Fall Attorneys Fight Your Case Against Walmart

With the volume of foot traffic going through Walmart stores across the country every single day, it's no wonder that Walmart slip and fall claims are filed so frequently. All store owners are required to keep their property reasonably safe for shoppers, and if they fail to do that, patrons may be able to seek damages to cover their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

If you fell in Walmart, the biggest thing you need to win your case is proof. The Accident & Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates need to prove:

  • The owner of the Walmart knew about the problem
  • They did not make an effort to fix the problem
  • They should have known about the danger as part of routine maintenance
  • You were injured despite taking reasonable precautions to avoid the accident

Great pieces of evidence you can provide include pictures of the accident scene, copies of the incident report, and statements from any witnesses (along with their contact information for a follow-up investigation). Time is truly of the essence when it comes to slip and fall cases, so the sooner proof is obtained, the better.

If we file a lawsuit on your behalf, we may be able to use Walmart's own surveillance cameras and internal reporting documents against them. This is one positive factor in filing a claim against such a retail giant; they have processes in place to make sure things run smoothly, but those processes can also catch them red-handed when they are being negligent.

Contact Our Walmart Slip and Fall Attorneys for a Free Consultation

This may be the first time you've had to deal with a slip and fall case. Executives in Walmart’s loss prevention and customer relations divisions deal with this nearly every single day. They have attorneys at hand ready to pick apart any claims filed against the store.

You definitely do not want to face their legal team alone. Even if a store owner or manager was at fault, you may find yourself unable to prove their negligence. That can mean you will be denied any kind of financial award—compensation that is extremely vital when it comes to paying for all of your accident-related expenses.

Be sure to have a winning legal team on your side to make sure you receive a fair judgment. Since 1993, the Accident & Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates have been winning cases. You don't have to pay us unless we win, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, so call us today for a free consultation at (800) 860-8021.


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