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Injured in Conyers? Contact Our Accident & Disability Attorneys for Help

Scott Monge

The Accident & Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates have dedicated their law practice to helping people in Conyers, Georgia, and throughout the Atlanta metro region who were the victims of accidents or injuries caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. Their personal injury lawyers have the experience to handle all types of catastrophic personal injury cases, including the following:

  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Car Accident Injuries
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Slip-and-fall Injuries
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • DUI Accident Injuries
  • Social Security Disability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Surgical Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice

Call Monge & Associates today. You can schedule a free consultation to talk about your personal injury claim and get answers to your questions. They will work aggressively to get you the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Conyers Hospitals & Medical Centers

The attorneys of Monge & Associates understand how devastating it is to be the victim of a vehicle accident in Conyers which results in a serious injury. People seriously injured in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents on Interstate 20 or any of Conyer’s other busy roadways or in accidents at work often need immediate medical attention. Conyers, Georgia, area hospitals and medical centers include:

  • Concentra Medical Center
  • Rockdale Medical Center
  • Dekalb Medical at Hillandale
  • Newton Medical Center

A Conyers motor vehicle accident can leave you and your family wondering how you will pay for your medical bills and how you will cope when you cannot go back to work. The other party involved will likely have an insurance company with a team of lawyers, adjusters, and specialists whose job it is to minimize the potential recovery compensation for victims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident or in an accident at work, you need an attorney with experience to stand up to these insurance companies. Call the attorneys of Monge & Associates today. If you are unable to come to their office, they will come to you.

About Conyers, Georgia

Conyers, Georgia, is located in Rockdale County, approximately 24 miles east of Atlanta, where the city serves as the county seat. Conyers is home to an estimated 13,198 residents (2009 U.S. Census Bureau data) living in 5,300 separate households. In 1996, Conyers was in the national spotlight when the 1996 Olympic Games equestrian events were held in the city at the Georgia International Horse Park. Today you’ll see Conyers residents enjoying the Georgia International Horse Park, riding the Olympic mountain bike trails, picnicking, golfing, and more.

The Conyers, Georgia, Court System

The Judicial Branch of the State of Georgia is made up of courts of limited, general and appellate jurisdiction. The courts of limited jurisdiction, which hear civil cases such as personal injury lawsuits, include magistrate courts, which hear civil suits where the compensation sought is under $15,000, and the state courts of counties, which hear civil cases in addition to misdemeanor criminal cases.

The basic trial court in Conyers, Georgia, with general jurisdiction for hearing cases involving state law is the superior court. In superior court, any civil or criminal case may be tried and all felonies must be tried. The legislature has divided Georgia into 48 superior court circuits, with each circuit containing from one to eight counties and served by one or more judges.

Georgia’s two major courts of appellate jurisdiction are the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. These courts do not try cases, but hear appeals from lower courts.

  • Rockdale County Magistrate Court, 945 Court Street, P.O. Box 289, Conyers, GA 30012. Phone: (770) 278-7800
  • State Court of Rockdale County, Rockdale County Courthouse, 922 Court Street, P.O. Box 937, Conyers, GA 30012. Phone: (770) 278-7900
  • Rockdale County Superior Court, Rockdale County Courthouse, 922 Court Street, P.O. Box 937, Conyers, GA 30012. Phone: (770) 278-7900
  • Court of Appeals of Georgia, 47 Trinity Avenue S.W., Suite 501 Atlanta, GA 30334. Phone: (404) 656-3450
  • The Supreme Court of Georgia, 244 Washington Street, Room 572, State Office Annex Building, Atlanta, Georgia 30334. Phone: (404) 656-3470

Contact Conyers, Georgia, Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys Today

If you have been seriously injured in a Conyers, GA, vehicle accident, you can trust that the dedicated team of expert attorneys at Monge & Associates will get you the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or has otherwise been the victim of negligence or medical malpractice, it is important that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Call today or fill out the online form for a free case evaluation.


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Scott Monge

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