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Home Remedies That Will Cure What Ails You

Scott Monge

There are tons of wives tales and family remedies that lend household solutions to soothe common colds, coughs and bellyaches. These home remedies have been put to the test and will give you a few more options the next time you feel a tickle in your throat or find yourself covered in itchy poison ivy.

Ginger. Research shows eating a couple of pieces of crystallized ginger before a car or plane ride can reduce motion sickness. A little bit of ginger goes a long way in battling nausea.

Honey. It’s good for a lot of things, but honey can be a great relief to a sore throat. The sticky substance coats the throat and offers tremendous relief.

Cherry juice. Tart cherry juice is rich in antioxidants that can help to reduce the occurrence of gout attacks and lessen joint inflammation.

Gargle. Research shows that those who gargle plain tap water a few times a day are less likely to catch colds and respiratory infections.

Liquid dish soap. Using liquid dish soap to wash skin that has come in contact with poison ivy or poison oak will help remove the plant oils that cause your skin to welt and itch.

Sweet almond oil and sugar. Create some homemade lip balm by combining pure sweet almond oil with sugar to create a paste. Use a toothbrush the apply the mixture to your lips and scrub. The mixture moisturizes and exfoliates, helping get rid of chapped lips.

Olive oil. This natural wonder has many uses, but possibly it’s most attractive quality is its ability to ease snoring. Taking a small shot of olive oil before bed lubricates the throat and helps reduce loud slumbers.

Pickle juice. Drink 2.5 ounces of pickle juice to relieve cramps. Studies show this remedy has quick results and improves cramping faster than those who just drink water.


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