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Give Your Metabolism a Boost

Scott Monge

Your body gets energy from metabolizing proteins, carbs and fats. The rate at which your body does this depends on the ratio of calories consumed to calories burned. It’s true that some of this is determined by your genes, but there are other facets to your metabolism, too. Try these tips to increase your metabolism and rev up your body’s energy reserves.

  • Eat frequently. Planning several small meals over the course of the day will give you a metabolic boost. Eating every 2 to 4 hours will help build up your muscles and burn fat. Skipping meals actually does a lot of harm, encouraging your body to store unnecessary fat. So eat often, but eat well. Look for foods low in fat and high in protein.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Just as starving your body of food is bad for your metabolism, starving your body of sleep can be equally detrimental. Even when your body is at rest it is busy burning calories to maintain blood flow, respiratory functions and tissue repair. A lack of sleep can decrease your resting metabolism which can affect how your body maintains those functions.
  • Hit the weights. Lifting weights and building up some additional muscle mass can also speed up your resting metabolic rate.
  • Exercise. Maximize your workout sessions by adding some high-intensity intervals. You’ll burn even more calories if you integrate a few 30-second intervals of all-out physical activity to moderate jogging, biking or other exercises.
  • Stay hydrated. Our bodies need a lot of H20 to function. After all, we are made up of mostly water. Quench your thirst often. Consuming water is a quick and easy way to boost digestion and burn more calories. And some research shows that drinking cold water can actually burn more calories than drinking room-temperature water. So add some ice to make it more effective.
  • Drink some caffeine. Whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning or an energy drink, caffeine will speed up your heart and give your metabolism some extra juice.
  • Brew green tea. Green tea has an ingredient that promotes fat burning and increasing your metabolism. A couple of cups a day can give you some additional help in burning off a few more fat calories.
  • Avoid alcohol. When consuming alcohol, your body will use liver byproducts as fuel instead of fat storage. Just a couple of drinks can pause fat burning by more than 50 percent. Keep your metabolism roaring by sticking to non-alcoholic beverages.

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