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Automatic Bill-Pay Features Can Save You Time and Money

Scott Monge

Automatic bill pay programs are in not an entirely new concept or convenience feature. Many banks and service providers already provide automatic bill paying programs yet a surprisingly small number of customers actually take advantage of these programs. Making a one-time investment of a relatively small amount of time to properly set up recurring payment systems either through your service provider or online banking portal is a great way to free up your time in the future so you can spend less time paying bills and more time doing the things you want to do with the people you love.

Although it may seem like an arduous task, especially for the not-so-technologically inclined, it is one that most service and utility providers such as Georgia Power and Charter cable provide at little or no charge to their customers. To set up automatic bill payments from a credit or debit account, simply calling customer service will suffice. Most service or utility providers have information or even set-up instructions on their home page.

If for whatever reason a service or utility provider does not have an option to set up automatic bill pay, consider setting up online bill pay through your bank. Most banks with online money management portals offer options to set up automatic bill payments. Once again, a great way to set this up would be either calling customer service to inquire or to see if the bank’s home page provides any information. Most paper billing statements will list online banking options as well.

Along with the benefit of freeing up your time, this is also a great way to reduce paper clutter in the household or office, eliminate the cost of postage and remove the potential worry and stress that comes from assuring bills are paid on time. This is an ideal solution for anyone looking for more free time, to simplify his or her workflow, and reduce clutter and postage use.

One key thing to watch out for, however, is growing complacent with automatic bill payments. It is important to maintain awareness of one’s finances and to watch out for anomalies, especially when auto-pay deductions are drafted from personal accounts. Often times most service providers will offer to still send a monthly statement reflecting the state of the account. Some will even offer to send a digital receipt or statement. This may be an option to consider, as it can be easily digitally archived for future reference if needed.


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