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August 6, 2022

Berkeley, SC – Seven Oaks Dr Site of Injury Auto Accident at Old Whitesville Rd

Berkeley, SC (August 6, 2022) – On Saturday evening, August 6th, Berkeley officials responded to reports of a major accident involving several passenger automobiles.

An accident happened at the intersection of Seven Oaks Drive and Old Whitesville Road. According to local authorities, first responders arrived at the site at around 11:10 p.m. At least one individual was wounded among the victims of the collision, although no more information is currently available.

The local authorities, along with officers with the Berkeley Police, are now conducting an inquiry into the occurrence.

Our thoughts and prayers are now with the victims and their families, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Common Vehicle Accident Causes in South Carolina

According to the most recent statistics on traffic accidents, reckless driving was a factor in each of the 100 fatal or seriously injured automobile accidents that occurred in the Palmetto State over the previous month. There is also evidence that human error and careless driving or reckless driving is a significant component in a number of recorded vehicle accidents in the United States. 

Berkeley, SC - Seven Oaks Dr Site of Injury Auto Accident at Old Whitesville Rd

Some estimates indicate that more than 91% of all documented instances may be attributable to this issue. Those who have been hurt in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence may find it advantageous to seek compensation from a personal injury attorney.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, dealing with a huge insurance company should be the last thing on your mind. There is a possibility that your insurance company could seek to reject your claim or pay you less than you are owed.

Instead of trying to manage all insurance discussions and settlements on your own, it is strongly advised that you consult with an attorney. Injured accident victims in South Carolina may benefit from having an educated and experienced personal injury attorney on their side to help them avoid being unjustly handled by insurance companies.

By protecting the legal rights of victims, Monge & Associates may be able to assist them greatly. Anyone who has been injured as a result of reckless driving and satisfies the qualifying requirements is eligible for this assistance. In order to help our clients recover from their injuries, our legal team is committed to protecting their legal rights and assisting them in gaining the financial support they need to meet the cost of their medical treatment. As a consequence, we are committed to assisting the wounded throughout the legal procedure. We can guarantee they get the best possible chance of gaining compensation for their losses by fighting for them with the help of our team.

It is our duty to guarantee that the insurance company representing the party legally accountable for the damage treats your claim with the care and respect it merits. We have assisted clients in obtaining millions of dollars in compensation for injuries sustained in auto accidents, both in court and beyond, so that they may finally get the justice they had been denied.

If you or a loved one have been harmed in a collision caused by another vehicle, contact a car accident attorney in the Berkeley area as soon as possible by calling (888) 688-1924 or visiting our website.

Note: Our writers used secondary sources when creating this accident news post. We have not independently verified all of the facts surrounding this accident, therefore, if there is any incorrect information, contact Monge & Associates immediately. We will correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. We will remove a post if requested. 

Disclaimer: This post is not a solicitation for business. None of the information in this post is intended to be medical or legal advice. The photo used in this post was not taken at the accident scene described in this post.