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Suing for Failure to Maintain After an Atlanta Truck Accident

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Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, trucking companies are required to conduct routine, regular maintenance on their vehicles. In some cases, this responsibility falls on the driver, who is required to conduct a truck inspection before leaving for a destination.

Unfortunately, trucking companies and drivers sometimes fail to carry out proper truck maintenance. This can lead to serious problems, such as tire blowouts, locked-up brakes, burnt-out taillights, and more. In many instances, these issues result in catastrophic accidents.


It is incredibly difficult for the average person to know if failure to maintain caused the truck accident that left them injured. However, at Monge & Associates, we have decades of experience handling highly complex truck accident claims. Our attorneys can thoroughly investigate your claim to determine if a trucking company or driver acted negligently by failing to conduct sufficient maintenance.

We work with accident reconstruction experts and other experts in order to determine what caused your accident, as well as who is responsible for your damages. We look at every aspect of your case in order to help you secure the maximum compensation you are owed.

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Like all vehicles, tractor-trailers and semi-trucks require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure that they are safe to operate. Because they are driven much farther and carry far heavier loads than the average passenger vehicle, trucks tend to demand more upkeep than cars, motorcycles, and other smaller automobiles. When trucking companies skip this crucial task, the results can be devastating.

Common examples of negligent truck maintenance include:

  • Truck drivers failing to conduct pre-trip walk-around inspections
  • Failing to change tires after a certain amount of miles traveled
  • Using re-treaded (rather than new) tires
  • Improper or lack of testing of load restraints
  • Failing to properly test truck brakes
  • Lack of functioning bulbs/adequate reflective tape
  • Failing to test power steering

Additionally, when trucks are overloaded, the extra strain can cause parts to give out (such as tires) or wear out faster (like brakes). Even with routine maintenance checks, these issues may be missed if trucks are illegally overloaded on a routine basis. If proper truck maintenance is not performed, defective or faulty truck parts will not be repaired or corrected, often with disastrous consequences.


Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury and death. If you or your loved one was involved in a truck accident, you are likely dealing with mounting medical bills, physical pain, and emotional trauma. If your injuries required medical attention, you have likely had to take substantial time off work to receive treatment. Your injuries may even be so severe as to prevent you from returning to work in the same capacity or altogether. The financial, physical, and emotional costs of an accident can quickly add up, leaving you wondering how to pick up the pieces.

At Monge & Associates, we understand how difficult and life-altering a truck accident can be. Our lawyers are committed to helping you fight for the justice and financial recovery you deserve. We carefully investigate every detail of your accident to determine who was at fault and whether you can sue for failure to maintain after your Atlanta truck accident. Our legal team offers compassionate, personalized services backed by our Client Satisfaction Guarantee. We are prepared to be the tough, tireless advocate you need.

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