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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Were you severely injured in a motorcycle accident? Get help obtaining the compensation you deserve by calling an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta.

Motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic and even fatal injuries when involved in a car accident. This is partly because bikers aren’t protected while driving the way other drivers are. Fortunately, when someone else causes your motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to restitution. 

At Monge & Associates, our team of dedicated attorneys work tirelessly, fighting for the justice that our clients and their families deserve. We’ll do everything possible to secure full compensation for your suffering. Read on to learn more about who could be at fault for your motorcycle accident and what you can expect from the insurance company when you file your claim. 

Fault for Motorcycle Accidents in Atlanta

There are many parties who may have contributed to causing your motorcycle accident. Being able to prove culpability based on a preponderance of the evidence is the most important part of any civil claim. However, there are some individuals and entities that are more commonly liable for motorcycle accidents. These include:

Only after closely examining all the details of your collision will your lawyer know which parties could be at fault in your case. When multiple parties have contributed to the accident, claims may include all liable parties to ensure you can maximize your injury settlement. 

Insurance Companies and the Reckless Biker Stigma

Insurance companies are for profit. This means that when they settle a motorcycle accident or any claim, they are losing money. For this reason, you can see why it is in the insurer’s best interest to reduce that dollar amount wherever possible.

As a motorcyclist, you are far more likely to be stigmatized as a reckless driver because the insurer wants to make it appear as though you are partially liable for the accident. 

Because Georgia is a modified comparative fault state, if your share of fault is less than 50 percent, you are still entitled to a reduced amount of compensation. But remember, the insurer will be happy with any reduction they can get. 

Fortunately, your Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer has experience in handling tactics like these and will never let you settle for less than you deserve. 

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic and the losses are often staggering, but you aren’t alone in your pursuit of justice and recovery. Reach out to a reputable Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer at Monge & Associates

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