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Atlanta Rear-End Accident Lawyer

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Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of car collisions in the United States. Whether it’s a relatively simple “fender bender” or a serious, high-speed crash, all rear-end accidents can result in severe injury. This is because of the sudden deceleration and impact of the involved vehicles.

Occupants of the front car typically do not realize that an accident is about to occur and have no way to brace for or avoid the impact. Occupants of both the front and back vehicle tend to suffer whiplash, concussion, herniated discs, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more.


In the vast majority of cases, the driver that hits the other vehicle is liable for a rear-end accident. All drivers have a responsibility to pay attention and remain a safe distance from vehicles in front of them. With very few exceptions—such as in cases of illegal stops, mechanical failure, or sudden stops/unexpected lane changes—a driver that hits the vehicle in front of them has acted negligently, either by driving while distracted, following too closely, or acting recklessly.

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If you are hit from behind by another vehicle, you may suffer severe injuries. Even the accident appears to be relatively minor, it is important that you seek medical attention to rule out any serious injuries. Immediately following the incident, you will likely be in shock and may not notice or realize the extent and severity of injuries. If you are obviously very injured, medical treatment may be extensive and ongoing.

Apart from obtaining medical care, there are a few things you should try to do if you are involved in a rear-end accident in Atlanta or throughout Georgia:

  • Write down the contact and insurance information of the other driver/drivers involved
  • Call local police to the scene and explain how the accident occurred
  • Obtain a copy of the accident report from the police
  • If you have a phone or camera with you, take pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Document any injuries you received by taking pictures and/or writing them down
  • Report the accident to your own insurance company
  • Avoid speaking with insurance adjustors from the liable party’s insurance provider
  • Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta for a free consultation

Often, after an accident, the liable insurance company will try to contact you and get you to agree to a settlement. Typically, they will offer a settlement amount that is much less than the amount you are actually owed. Remember, the liable insurance company does not have your interests in mind; they are concerned only with saving themselves money by avoiding paying out the full value of your claim. It is always best to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to discuss your case and whether or not you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

FAQ: I was injured in a rear-end crash. Now the insurance company is saying that my injuries can’t be that bad based on the appearance of the car. What can I do?

That is a common tactic on the part of insurance companies. Rear-end collisions are the most common types of car accidents, resulting in innumerable insurance claims every year. It’s easy to see why insurance companies try to dispute these claims. Rear-end collisions typically occur when a vehicle is stopped or is moving at a slow speed, which can mean that property damage can appear as nothing more than a fender bender.

That said, injuries – even catastrophic ones – can result from a rear-end collision. A common soft-tissue injury in the neck, called whiplash, is caused when the momentum of the rear-hitting car causes the heads of the occupants of the other vehicle to snap forward and back suddenly. Although it was once believed that low-speed collisions could not result in an injury like whiplash, the scientific community has increasingly reported research that collisions as low as 5 miles per hour can still cause damage. Other spinal cord injuries, including herniated discs, can also result from a rear-end collision.


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