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November 22, 2020

4 Ways to Avoid an Accident with a Big Truck

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that in 2017 there were approximately 450,000 police-reported accidents involving big trucks. We all know how scary it can be to come a little too close to an accident with a big truck and we don’t ever want you to find out just how scary it is to actually collide with a big truck.

The best way to avoid is to see the causes and know how to avoid each.

Big Truck Blind Spots

Big trucks have major blind spots and it is important to know them and avoid them. These trucks have expansive blind spots on each side of the vehicle, they are the “No Zones.” It is imperative that you stay out of these zones to prevent the possibility of a trucker attempting to merge into your lane.

Leave More Space

We’ve all been guilty of following too closely at one point or another. But when it comes to driving behind a semi, you must leave more space. Big trucks need exponentially more room and time to stop moving. The more cushion space between you and the truck, the better!

Be Extra Cautious During Rain or Wind

When the wind is howling, trucks have an increased risk of blowing over. Semi-trucks have a different weight distribution that makes them more prone to tipping.

Even with their size, big trucks are still susceptible to hydroplaning. It is important to increase following distance in rainy weather as well.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Both truckers and drivers should follow this tip! Distracted driving is so dangerous but adding a 35,000 pound truck to the mix greatly increases the risk of injury. Leave your distraction at home so that you can be on high alert when driving near a semi-truck.

The easy tips can help you avoid an accident with a semi-truck, but sometimes the unavoidable happens. If you find yourself in an accident with a big rig, Monge & Associates will be here for you. With more than $1 billion recovered for our clients, we’ll help you pick up the pieces and get your life back with a big settlement!

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