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November 22, 2020

3 Things to Know if You Want to Win Your Case

After an accident, you mind is probably spinning. You may be frustrated, in pain, and ready to be done with the whole ordeal. In order to win your case and get what you deserve, there are 3 very important steps that you must keep in mind.


The number one thing that you can do to damage your case is not seeking medical treatment as soon as possible. If a person doesn’t receive treatment, the insurance company will take this to mean that the person is not injured.

If the first responders want to transport you to the emergency room go with them! You may not see any visible injuries, but there are often ‘hidden’ injuries that can lead to serious lifelong damage. However, if you do wait to see a doctor and your symptoms appear the next day, immediately go to the hospital or to see your doctor.

Here are 8 tips to follow while you are being seen by a medical professional

  • Be honest with the doctor. They will need to have all of the information about the accident and your symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Make sure the doctor know about all medications, vitamins, and supplements you may be taking
  • Make the medical personnel aware of any allergies, especially drug allergies, that you may have
  • Ask the doctor to explain any tests or procedures they are completing so you understand what they are doing each step of the way
  • When given discharge instructions, ask questions to ensure that you are in complete understanding of the next steps in your treatment plan
  • If you have, or will, miss work ask for a doctor’s note
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as soon as possible
  • Do not leave the medical facility until you are comfortable and fully understand the next steps


Insurance companies are looking out for their (and their wallet’s) best interest so it is imperative to be on top of everything during your case. There are 4 ways that you can directly sabotage your case and you may not be aware that you are doing anything wrong.

Be Honest!

Often times, someone may stretch the truth about their injury. But insurance companies have a database of information on you including previous accidents and even criminal background.

It is also super important to be honest with your attorney. That way we can better guide you through the process including the possibility of a deposition.

Posting on Social Media

You can quickly ruin your accident claim by posting on social media. Trust us, the insurance company IS watching you. If you check in to the amusement park or post a picture of you playing basketball with your friends, it will become evidence to try and prove that you aren’t actually injured.

You will also want to avoid posting any details about the accident or negative comments about the at-fault party or insurance company. This could supply them with the ammo they need to deny your settlement.

Keep Good Records

After an accident you will want to start documenting everything right away. We recommend that clients keep a paper and electronic copy of each of the following items.

  • A copy of the police or incident report
  • Your notes, photos, and investigative materials
  • Contact information for everyone involved including witnesses, doctors, attorneys, and insurance representatives
  • All correspondence from the insurance company
  • Copies of all medical records and paperwork
  • Receipts from medical expenses including co-pays, medical equipment (either purchases or rentals) and medications
  • Photos or videos documenting your injuries
  • A record of lost wages including sick time and/or vacation
  • A copy of applicable insurance policies
  • Copies of secondary insurance
  • Car repair (if in car accident) information and any rental charges
  • Receipts and paperwork for any other expenses related to the accident


Waiting to hire an attorney can be very detrimental to your case. You may be thinking that you don’t want to hire an attorney because you don’t think you can afford one, but did you know that most personal injury attorney’s work on a contingency basis meaning that they don’t get paid until your case is settled and if you don’t get a settlement, they don’t get paid.

Without an attorney you might also miss an opportunity for more in-depth investigations that further prove your case. An attorney can help provide the best investigators and medical experts to help you get a larger settlement.

The Insurance Research Council’s study proved that victims who are represented by an attorney received an average settlement more than 3 times higher than those who are not represented.